Mindful wandering

Part of the reason I wrote a song called “I’ll Never Work in Retail Anymore” to the tune of “You Cannae Push Yer Granny Off the Bus” (sounds like the tune to “Coming Round the Mountain” for those unaware) is because of the minor irritations. Among these are stock taking, where you need to count and verify everything for security purposes. Though it was a hassle, it is also a very good life skill to sit back every now and then and do an analysis of what is happening, how you got there, and where next. So, a stock take of my current situation.

I am writing this in the Art Hole Hostel (may be hard to say when drinking, must be aware of that and carry a leaflet for taxi drivers) just off one of the major squares which comprise Prague. I have come from my friend’s house, who generously provided a bed. Before that I stayed at Arcapay Hostel, good and affordable during the week but with a slightly higher tourist rate at weekends, and the shops around it are on the upper end of Czech prices – fine, but no good for a prolonged stay. Prior, I stayed in the Czech Inn, good transport links, friendly and knowledgeable staff, let down by the number of beds per room, 36! Not as bad as it sounds, but nevertheless a pain having such high numbers with different sleeping schedules in one place. Harder to meet people also when you are dealing with such a number. Good starting point for building hostel endurance though.

So, my intention, having fallen in love with the city, is to stay and teach English. This is a career which has three major appealing factors: it would be a chance to meet new people; it would be a chance to be more valuable; it would be a chance to experience the world. I have three major selling points also: my effervescent enthusiasm; my education and TEFL certificate; and the current travelling arrangements between the EU and UK. Hopefully they make the right choice in the upcoming referendum. I have seen the difficulties Americans face. I do not want that to befall us due to the generally poor reasons of the out campaign. The world should get more open, not closed.

With this detail of where I am, I can imagine what do do next. Develop lesson plan for interviews, seek feedback on it. There are a couple schools of interest, one that invited me for interview, and an organisation that I will need to search for the email address. Also important to send in that application that backfired due to Word not syncing brilliantly on an iPad.

Right now I’m giving life a very respectful score. The past four days have been especially incredible. It was incredibly fortuitous that an error with an online calendar can lead to such excellence. Now onwards, to make more happen.


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