Czeching in and Czeching out

I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers. Obligatory Streetcar Named Desire references to make quota for the decade or, in other words, yet another attempt to command thoughts into a decent narrative.

More accurately, I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers who become acquaintances and then fast friends.

The predominant feeling of the week is enervation: I am so damn tired every morning but so satisfied all the time with how the day has gone. This week I entered and left my third hostel. It seems preferable to traveling to keep up the movement and see as many parts of the city as possible through the lens of actually living there. So far I have lived in the south of the centre, in the west by the castle, and in the northern reach off Namesti Republicky. Of the three, I rate the Art Hole Hostel on Soukenicka off Namesti Republicky highest. The others lacked that capacity to meet and get to know new people – either that or I have just got better at it in a hostel context. The layout was good though and everyone agreed the place had something special about it. I may go back.

As I left the place I got a bit sad, nostalgic for the week I had just had, with it’s affordable Kozel dark and it’s international mix of travellers, all with different stories. For lack of seeking consent for publishing their names and no desire to upset anyone I will stick with details. There was the physiotherapist who had a week off work and booked the cheapest plane ticket he could find, surprisingly good dancer for an English man. The Italian who sounded like a Londoner so much that nobody could guess otherwise, she taught me a dance move but I can’t recall it’s name other than that it involved hip movements like the burlesque dancers from Gypsy. There was the girl who seemed to always wear pyjamas and brought me round after round of coffee while I lesson planned – though there is no acknowledgements section in the plan, I hope this post is sufficient. Then there was the New Yorker studying in Florence who, within our first actual conversation, was good at getting serious and discussing the big questions that make up reality – very big on finding the keys to success and with her drive she may well do it. The American guy on a tour of truly epic scale, Israel, Turkey, and nearly every capital in Europe. This is before even getting into the staff of the place who made the experience always comfortable and interesting, with their own stories, different languages, and, because I’m shallow I must recall, their pretty features. I have definitely forgotten people in this post, but to anyone I met who reads this, I will not forget you.

But we move on. No time for dwelling, the game is afoot!

This weekend I am couchsurfing with some English teachers. They are a wonderful support network for both travelling and for my future teaching designs, though I unfortunately was not able to take their feedback fully on board owing to time constraints. So this weekend I am moving twice, seeing more streets and living well, with improved sleep quality overall as dorm rooms are a little on the noisy side.

Onwards with the adventure.




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