Life is strange

Life is a funny thing.

Currently I’m in a Mexican restaurant in Vinohrady, Prague and crowdsourcing for an errand that the friend I met at a punk show – Roisin, name-dropped, kind of pararhymes with ocean for if you don’t know Irish names, which nobody does, and which Apple wants to correct to raisin – has given me inspiration for, insomuch as I would not have looked had it not been suggested, due to a booking error that got me to Prague for 2 months instead of 5 days, following an interview for a language school which went so-so, and I’m asking a Facebook group where are the good places to buy shoelaces, and they tell me round about the spot I found on Google Maps but in more detail than was otherwise available, insofar as I had no appetite to read further into it than was absolute necessary as I have become a stickler for the details today.

Good afternoon, everybody.


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