Suddenly, Spring

Prague continues to happen, but now it has become Spring. It felt like Winter continued past it’s standard date, but perhaps I just don’t know the city that well. Which is odd giving the circumstances. It is now the place I have spent the third-longest time, continuous, living.

Possibly it was the brief trip to Berlin which did it. Incidentally, here is a photo of the Brandenberg Gate for no reason whatsoever.


I have been teaching English now for 2 weeks. It is having an interesting effect on the brain as I am now noticing “mistakes” far more frequently in how people talk. It is peculiar that what a teacher would correct in a second-language speaker is considered normal when said by a native, chalked up to some quirk of accent or other. I suppose it is important we give second-language speakers a sense that there is a right answer but, when it comes to language, there aren’t always such hard and fast rules. I will cover work in a separate later post, for now I will wax cliched and sentimental about the weather.

Spring has arrived and is quite Summerish. The scene in the parks recalls those golden days in Scotland when the mercury reads over 10 Celsius, though I have seen no ‘taps aff’ mentality yet. Maybe they are waiting till it expands past 11, or maybe shirtlessness is frowned upon here. I will surely discover this in time, from the scornful looks of Czechs or from the back of a police car having caused a mass riot.

The trees are in bloom, and further colours are beginning to penetrate the eye. I have seen some pink cherry blossom, which is always pleasing. The sky has turned into a pastel blue and the skyline is painted a little clearer. The grass seems a little greener too, and I have begun paying attention to the number of open spaces in the city. It is exciting that my friends, several of whom have already been in Prague for 6 months or more, recognise  that it remains magical.

Yesterday, I was on a rooftop terrace drinking sangria. This is about as magical an afternoon as could be devised.

Today was good for other reasons but these are too personal for screaming into the wilderness.


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