Self-sufficient by August

I saw the stars last night. I was in Riegerovy Sady with my friends, Kacie, Teddy and Keegan, when I looked into the night and realised I could draw constellations. It turns out this city does, indeed, contain other worlds.


Speaking of other worlds, the city of Prague was delighted to receive an invasion of swamp monster looking statues. This one is particularly cultured and found near to the theatre. It’s squidish features appeared to have few effects on the local populace, but I suppose this is why one needs an eye which is unused to such things. Edinburgh only has statues of various tyrants and eighteenth-century philosophers. We do not commemorate our alien visitations so obviously – the parliament building notwithstanding.

In earlier posts I may or may not have mentioned tackling the new currency. It’s a difficult thing, my mind used to measuring things in their pound weight and figuring out their utility that way, but the koruna definitely has a different feudalistic quality. The Czechs don’t even have a monarchy but measure it in crowns for tradition’s sake – the worst reason for doing anything in my book but to each their own. As it turns out, measuring things in crowns is not nearly so difficult as I expected. Just budget by how many hours it took to get however many crowns and go from there. Due to budgetary constraints, another pet peeve, I should finally be fully self-sufficient by August.

A keen lesson for anyone who goes abroad and lives like a millionaire tourist for several months as that is what their savings permit; spend a little more frugally and watch your cash flow as reserves are exhaustible and most every employment in the world does not pay you for over a month. It’s basic information but somehow I always forget.

The good news is with a little talent at making friends and a lot of positive vibrations, the world will dance to your command. And those stars, your fellow stars, my fellow stars, we shall be together.


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