Thomas Gray, Eat Your Heart Out

Now, generally, as a person, I have been accused of being easily pleased. As if I am happy at anything, find everything interesting, and will say that I prefer anything which is currently the situation. Perhaps. Perhaps I quite easily bear the tumultuous world we find ourselves in. Perhaps I do occasionally say I like soft or hard vegetables depending what is on the end of my fork. Perhaps I can live in shared accommodations or in friends’ flats for a month and say it’s great, and two months later say I really enjoy living alone. Maybe I am easily pleased. But let me tell you right now that I feel, it is my impression and all my senses tell me, that I am having the time of my life.


The. Time. Of. My. Life.

There are several reasons for this. There is a supreme balance to my universe right now: between friends, and work, my flatmate being awesome, and my girlfriend staying with me as well while she prepares to move into a new flat. It is primarily to her that I write this. Consider this a Very Public Display of Affection, my love.

It is a renaissance. My mind is more active and awake than it has been in years. Every day, I am learning and growing. Every hour is a joyful experience. Every minute feels stretched out, and the pleasure expands and I feel thoroughly good.

We visited the small town of Kutna Hora recently. In this town, there is an ossuary of tremendous size. 40 to 70 thousand human bodies have been taken to pieces and rearranged into a place of art and worship. It is an aching reminder of mortality and the fact that every day we are working towards the end, though, in most cases, fewer people will see our bones and think about the potential lives we experienced, fewer people will take pictures of the remnants of our lives to share them around the world, and, fortunately, fewer people will leave coins in our eyes for luck or for superstition.


After we we had seen and appreciated the scene, we decided to stop for lunch. We went for ribs.


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