Wedding Bells


So the reason I am back in Edinburgh briefly: my friend Daniel, whom I have known since we were 6 years old or so, is celebrating his marriage to Ella. They have known each other for several years, spending much of the time in different countries, but have lived together for at least the past year – calemdeical details slip the mind sometimes. I like the story of how they know each other and came together, a tale of how cheap international flights can facilitate a greater range of love than ever possible, and how travel can make strong relationships.

Yesterday, they held in drinks reception on the fifth floor, about as tall as most Edinburgh buildings are allowed to get as they have some rule about buildings not being taller then the castle. While there, I snapped the panorama you can see above. I had planned to write about the differences in architecture between Edinburgh and Prague, Edinburgh rougher and more challenging while Prague looks like a cake, but now I have another idea.

last night as the reception was ending, we were standing on the balcony overlooking the other side when Dan went around with a box. In this box were cigars. I helped myself. It began to rain and the cadre of international partygoers ducked under the lip of the roof to enjoy their cigars in dryness. I, however, had no seen good rain in a while!

I stood right in the middle of the balcony and drenched for a while, while puffing on a cigar. Certainly a very different experience.


I missed the drenching of our grey land. Nothing quite like it. Though Prague does have lightening storms, so there is something to be said for that. And I keep sleep past 5 in e morning there. And the cars don’t move too slow to move out the way but quick enough to do some harm (they reduced inner city speeds to 20mph in Edinburgh and it seems really slow). All things considered, I am fairly excited to getting back.


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