Magical Listicle Tour II – Food

The second of our Magical Listicle Tours involves eating. My fiancée and I (more on that later) have a tradition on Thursdays of going out to eat. It’s a good way of doing something different every week as well as showing our love for each other by paying on different weeks. Here are some of our favourites!

Kredenc (Husinecka)


Ahhh, steak! Steak is good, as any meat eater will tell you. This place has amazing steak at a pretty affordable price (more if they get your bill wrong!). Located in the fashionable, if with a rough reputation, Zizkov, this restaurant offers a number of different steak options and a decent selection of drinks. The staff are friendly and it’s perfect for nice occasions.

Nebeská Vuné (Lipanska)


This is one of those Chinese restaurants that has decided to advertise itself using pictures of the food. That might not sound like a compliment, and it isn’t, but the food was actually really quite good. More than passable and actually pretty delicious. This restaurant gets bonus points primarily because this was the first place we went as an engaged couple.

We’ve known each other for a little over a year and have been going out about that long, the engagement story is not as romantic as you might expect a person of my flowery character,   but definitely fit the relationship. Having decided I was going to propose and having wracked my brain for a good time and place to do it, I figured before our weekly dinner was as good a time as any, and I wanted to put a ring on it, stat. No waiting about. I came in from work and she was waiting for me. A simple “Hi honey, I’m home”, a mock dickaround with my shoes, and then a race through to the room. I told her she was the best thing that’d happened to me, and asked her if she wanted to make me the luckiest man in the world. She said yes, then I told her she’d made an awful mistake!

It was a good night. We ate spring rolls.

Mikro Farma (Jiriho z Podebrad)


This a butcher/deli/farm shop in the city. It’s a cool place, located in the gorgeous Vinohrady. It’s also a great place to get steak sandwiches. Another option is to pick meat from behind the counter and ask them to cook it. I got a little jealous of our fellow patrons that night as they had something that looked truly delicious. It’s always a good place that can make you jealous of somebody else’s food while you’re enjoying something out of this world.

Thien Long 1 (Lipanska)


There are many amazing Vietnamese restaurants in Prague, why would I choose this one, you ask? The honest fact is, because it’s closest to where I live.

That being said, as with most Vietnamese restaurants in Prague, it’s delicious and affordable. It’s an interesting piece of history related to Communism that Prague has so many of these restaurants. I am told by people better in the know than me that it’s a result of exchange trips. Vietnamese people came to the Czech Republic as one Communist nation to another and enjoyed if so much that many of them stayed. They are a fairly substantial part of the city now, and more Vietnamese people have followed.

The result is that there are many great restaurants in the city. And one part of the city is called Little Hanoi.

Little Mexico (Lipanska)


Mexican food is one of my favourite types. The combination of flavours, savoury guac, spicy chilli, the carbs of corn tortillas. This place has been an excellent find. They make a variety of tacos there, the soft kind as opposed to the hard shell. The quality of the place has made it a regular stopping point. They also serve Horchata and Jarritos, so it’s good if you want something non-alcoholic to go with your food. They have five levels of spice. The lowest is not spicy and the highest is the spiciest. My fiancée goes for 2 and I go for 4. I’m excited for my brother’s upcoming visit as he will probably go for 5 and it’ll give me a chance to see if it blows my head off. 4 is already almost eye-watering.

Zizkovsiska (Husitska)

This one is a bit of a sneaky addition to the list, and will probably feature in it several times, as it only occasionally does food. It is however included because it is one of my favourite places in Prague for anything.

They do events throughout the week, from Czech film on Monday through to Sunday Soup. Sunday Soup is the focus here. It’s a jam session of many very talented musicians – and I occasionally shout lyrics from behind the microphone. In addition, they make soup and it can be had for the extremely modest price of 50 crowns (about £1.60 if the currency level holds and approximately $2 for yanks). Largely the soup is vegetarian too, so people aren’t left out.

The food is great, the atmosphere is nice, they have beautiful pictures by local artists on the walls as it’s a gallery, and the staff are extremely friendly. In particular, the manager is somebody that everybody in Prague should get to know as he knows more about the city and what’s going on in the creative scene than probably about anyone, and where to get cool stuff for your flat.

Unfortunately, the soup is off for Summer, but the last one is this weekend (the 2nd of July), so get on it, Prague people!


So, there are a few of the places I like to eat and one really, really cool place to hang out. Subscribe for more updates or just check back periodically as I’m in the mood to write these days.


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