My Fiancée (With Two E’s)

Look at your life. Now look at mine.


Now look back at your life. And then look at mine.


Sadly, your life isn’t mine, but it could be like mine. Look at my plate.


They are cookies. They are heart shaped and they were delicious. Look away. Now look back.




Rainbow Cakes symbolise our covenant

Okay, I’ll stop that before it becomes too exhausted. The point is, my fiancée bakes and she bakes really well. I remember the first time I tasted a thing she baked and I decided then and there that I would marry her as the surest way to corner the lucrative market that is her cake. I wanted to be at the business end of every cake. I wanted to help/hinder the creation of every one. To taste the very cream of life!

My tongue makes good choices.

In the time we have been together I have grown so much as a person. Around about this time last year I lost the lot in two phases. My phone, wallet, and metro pass on the first occasion and my passport, dignity, and glasses on the second. I had a couple difficult run ins with the transport police and had to pay fines out of my already sparse money. It was an extremely hard time and it made me reevaluate my drinking and the choices I made in keener detail.

Between the two phases of loss, my fiancée went to visit her friends in Italy. I was very near the point of humiliatingly begging my parents to get me home as I clearly wasn’t ready for adult life, even in my mid-20s. I had felt like some kind of horrible, unlovable, wreckage of a human. When I told her I’d lost more things I expected she’d turn on me like I deserved. She did something unexpected. She gave me a new wallet.

It turns out while she was in Italy she had walked past some leather merchant, which sounds like an old fashioned name for a boxer or a dirty joke, and she’d seen a wallet and thought of me. She told me she loved me and would help me get through it. I believed her, and we did it. Together.

Why do people decide to become partners in this world? There are 7 billion folk on the planet and many cultures have this concept of “the one” – the single most important  provider of all warmth, comfort and companionship. What’s with there being 7 billion people, it’s incredibly unlikely there is only 1 person you can be with. It’s telling that many people find their true love within 40 miles or so. Twice the distance equals half the trade, I suppose. Instead, I look at my relationship as a choice.

It was an exceptional choice that I chose to talk to her at the bar that night when there about 16 other people I could have started talking to. In a city of a million people, she is the one who consistently brightens my day. She laughs and cringes at my jokes in equal measure. Our music tastes are similar enough to work without either of us getting defenestration fantasies. We are good at dividing responsibility at looking after our house. She accepts me for who I am, all the weird quirks and foilbles.

It will be an absolute pleasure to spend my life with her. Together we’ll see more of the world and fill our own book of love together. I have ideas already but I will change and adapt to fit the situation as required. As long as she is there, I will do it gladly. I have tasted of the cream of life, and I want more from her. Forever.

Below find a selection of the type of cakes she bakes and which will surely lead to a tense kilt test on the day before the wedding.




via Daily Prompt: Partner


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