Christmas Jukebox: Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End)

Featuring a year old selfie because I’ve yet to buy a new hat

The year 2003
The band The Darkness
The song Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End)

Well-known for their falsetto singing and looking like a band the seventies forgot, it was only natural that The Darkness would shoot for a Christmas hit. The result is something special.

This song tells a story. The lead singer is saying that he doesn’t want Christmas to finish because then he won’t be able to see his love, who has been working all year. It’s about the time spent apart from your loved ones who you might only get rare chances to see. It’s very relatable.

I remember my brief separation from my love last year, who went home for the holiday. It was great to see family and friends, but time apart from that special someone always hurts. This year I am very happy we’ll get to have time together.

Anyway, the song is full of the guitar mastery that made their greatest hit ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’ a chart-topper. ‘Christmas Time’ captures the season well. It has bells, it has a choir, and it has references to the season galore. It’s exciting. Like a Christmas song should be.

One thing that separates this song from the usual fare is the sneakiness of it. They managed to slip both ‘bellend’ and ‘ringpiece (ring in peace)’ into the lyrics, and it gets played quite widely. (For Yanks or those with an unsullied mind, a bellend is the tip of a penis and a ringpiece is a bumhole). It’s Christmas! It’s a theme of both the songs I’ve already covered, sneaking things under the radar. What’s the harm of something a little cheeky? Both words are a bit obscure, anyway. It’s all very safe.

As a somewhat traditional song, it has bells in it, if I haven’t already made that quite clear, it was a shoe in for the number one spot in the Christmas charts that year. For my various foreign readers who might be unaware, the Christmas number one slot is highly coveted. When do people buy CDs for each other? The week before Christmas. It’s the plot line of BIll Nighy’s character in Love Actually.

The Darkness got very close, selling somewhere in the region of 200000 copies! But they were beaten on the last day of the count by Gary Jules and Michael Andrews cover of ‘Mad World’. A crying shame, but the Christmas number one isn’t about the topic of the song. It’s especially interesting to see who wins some years. People place bets on who they think will get it. I will write more about the topic in tomorrow’s post, so stick around!

The writer of this piece is eagerly anticipating Christmas this year and is very much looking forward to seeing his family.


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