Where is Santa Claus?

The year 2003
The band Guster
The song ¿Donde Esta Santa Claus?

One thing to remember, and I think I’ve made it clear throughout this month in my Christmas Jukebox series, is that I properly adore Christmas songs. I like the feelings they bring up, and the memories. Their message of love and goodwill. I also love the variety of them. So today’s number is especially varied and should enter the canon as soon as possible.

If you have any control of your works’ Christmas playlist, add this tunes.

It was first a hit in 1958 for Augie Rios, who was only 12 years old at the time. I like the Guster version because of how summery it feels. It’s got the energy of a song from the Southern Hemisphere.

It’s warm there right now. I’m told the days are really long.

But it’s Winter here. We have 7 hours of daylight. We’re getting a fair bit into the Christmas season now, and a lot of people are getting a bit tired. Just think of the poor retailers and wait staff! They get all the repetition of Christmas songs with none of the choice. This is why it’s imperative to expand the collection as much as you can.

So there’s another one by Sufjan Stevens. I love how he he uses different instruments. It’s much brighter than a lot of the more wintery numbers that are standard. And what’s wrong with simulating a little bit of sunshine at this time?

It reminds me of some of the weirdest Christmas songs imaginable: those from the Bob’s Burgers Christmas episodes.

It has a lot more bongo than you’d think, but then you realise it’s just the right amount. Really pulls the whole thing together.

There’s as many different Christmas songs as there are Christmas traditions. So get out there and discover them!

Also, I need only 10 more likes till I get 400 for the year, so be a lamb and do your bit. Do also explore the rest of my stuff, it’s pretty tight.

The writer of this piece needs to move his jacket off a dining chair or his folks will have a go at him. On writing this above fact, he felt about 4 years old.


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